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  • There inside of La Pedrera is bootiful 😍📸
  • Climb to the top of La Pedrera, the beautiful building in my last Instagram post, and you'll see lots of interesting fixtures like this. In short, the architect Gaudi wanted things that typically look like an eye-sore -- chimneys for instance -- and turn them into beautiful sculptures that can be admired. Cool, right?
  • If there's one thing I love about Barcelona, it's the variety of interesting architecture and design scattered around the city. La Pedrera -- one of Gaudi's builds -- is just one of many I loved photographing 😍🇪🇸
  • Oh Barcelona, how I miss your clear blue skies, grand monuments and tropical palm trees! 🌴☀️
This is the little strip leading down from Arc de Triomf to one of Barça's beautiful parks: Parc de Ciutadella.
  • Arc de Triomf, Barcelona 🇪🇸
  • You've got to look up a lot if you want to appreciate architecture in Barcelona 😍🇪🇸

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