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  • What a fantastic experience at @cookingandnature hotel in Portugal ❤️ •
🎨 Every room is themed, so while mine was based on nature protection with a fur swing and penguins lighting up the ceiling, there's a Paris-themed room  and even a Willy Wonka option too! It's very cool.
🍽️ On our first night we were tasked with cooking up a three course meal together, which actually turned out surprisingly tasty, followed by a day of hiking in local mountains which I'll post about separately. •
To top it all off, we wrapped up the end of our stay with a refreshing dip in the @cookingandnature swimming pool, surrounded by nothing but nature. Loved it and I would totally go back 😍
📸 On Honor 8 Pro by @ukhonor
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Fresh fruit drinks served in lightbulb shaped glasses at @sapientia_boutique_hotel in Coimbra, Portugal. Now that's creative, right? Tag two people you'd share these drinks with ❤️ •

Shot this on the @sapientia_boutique_hotel rooftop which has a glorious view overlooking the city of Coimbra, and the famous university behind it. We didn't stay the night (only lunch) but after a quick tour it's a very elegant and sophisticated hotel with wonderful views, good quality food and service. I would love to try it out when I revisit Coimbra! •

Took this 📸 on the Honor 8 Pro by @honorglobal
  • Coimbra, you charming little city ❤️📸
  • If my university library looked like this, I probably would have studied there every day. Wouldn't you? 🤓
  • This chapel inside the university of Coimbra reminds me of Pena Palace in Sintra, Portugal. Why? Look at all the variations of design styles across it, from the more traditional blue/white wall tiles to the splashes of colour on the walls and ceilings. It's definitely unique!
  • Coimbra University in Portugal 😍 It's not every university that can claim to be a UNESCO world heritage site. 📸 Shot by @chocoralie

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