About Fab Meets World

I’ve created Fab Meets World as an intersection between my love for seeing new places, experiencing interesting cultures, eating yummy food and geeking out with tech every so often.

About Fabio

So you want to learn more about me, huh? I’m flattered! Here are some quick points about me:

  • Nationality: Portuguese
  • Interests: Travel, food and technology
  • Profession: Digital marketer and blogger

I’m a Portuguese guy that has lived in London his entire life. Having studied, graduated with a degree in marketing and landing a “normal/stable job”, I decided in 2015 that I didn’t want to wait until my retirement to enjoy life. I could tell early on that the office life just wasn’t for me.

After arranging with my employers (at the time) to work remotely for a month, I managed to go off and visit four different countries in the space of four weeks. It was the best experience of my life!

Jumping between Gran Canaria, Agadir, Madrid and finally the beautiful city of Vienna, I travelled more in that 4 weeks than I had in 4 years — all while earning money in the process. So, after that experience, I realised that it’s a lifestyle I could make a reality and wanted to make it permanent.

I got hooked on the thrill of gaining new experiences and memories, so I resigned from my job. Today I work for myself, working as a freelance digital marker for small UK businesses and running my own blogs — Fab Meets World, and LetsTalk-Tech.com where I geek out about the latest tech & gadgets. Check it out — I review some cool stuff there!

Over the next few years I’m looking forward to sharing all of my new experiences with you on this blog, and hopefully inspire you to make memories of your own.