At the end of November Acer took me along on their Live Blogging trips for the fourth time. How sweet of them! Edinburgh kicked it all off in 2014, and since then we’ve been to Dublin, Belfast (earlier this year) and just a few weekends ago we headed to Glasgow in Scotland.

These trips usually cram in a bunch of fun activities around the cities, and of course with Acer being a technology brand, they also give us some hands-on time with their new gadgets.

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Where we stayed: Blythswood Square Hotel

As usual on these Acer Live Blog trips, they kindly booked us into a very lush 5 star hotel called the Blythswood Square Hotel. A short 5-10 minute walk downhill from the Blythswood gets you to George Square which is a focal point in the city, keeping it close enough to the action yet far enough from the noise which I liked.

Our rooms were awesome with huge beds (always a bonus), comfortable bed sheets, a large TV, plenty of storage, a deep bathtub (which was lovely to bathe in, by the way) and dedicated rainfall shower too. Combine their setup with lovely wooden floors and a marbled bathroom and the Blythswood Square Hotel definitely gave off a feeling of luxury, that’s for sure.

Even the food was amazing. I tried the Scottish Salmon for breakfast on day one and opted for the Eggs Royale (below) on the following day.

Playing with Acer’s new thin laptops

As soon as we arrived at the Blythswood Square Hotel on that cold Friday afternoon, we freshened up and headed straight for the conference room to check out Acer’s toys.

The first thing I walked towards was Acer’s Swift 7 laptop. Without getting too geeky on you guys, the Acer Swift 7 is an ultra thin laptop that’s under 1cm thin. It’s probably the thinnest Windows laptop on the market right now, and whether you’re a travel blogger, business person or casual user who wants to travel light but still pack power, it’s hard not to admire the Swift 7’s slender shape and glamorous gold & black design.

We also got hands-on with the Acer Swift 5 — the Swift 7’s more affordable, mid-range laptop that I actually preferred! — and a 2-in-1 called the Switch Alpha 12 that doubles as a laptop and tablet.

You can’t go to Scotland and not have whiskey

After some lovely Argentinian steak for dinner on Friday and a quick roam of the city centre, we headed to the Auchentoshan whiskey distillery on Saturday. It was fun to learn so much about how they actually make whiskey including their triple distillation process, but the most fun part was the tasting afterwards!

Our guide was super fun and talked us through the different types of whiskey, the oak casks they use to store them (and give whiskey its distinctive flavour) and the ageing process. He lined us all up with six different kinds of whiskey — all generously poured, by the way — and we didn’t waste any time trying them out!

Now I have to confess — and whiskey lovers will hate me for this — but I couldn’t finish all 6 drams (small servings/shots). After taking down the first three I decided to take it easy on the remaining drams; they were just too intense for me.

Cheekily, Acer then wanted us to get “creative” with their Switch Alpha 12 2-in-1 devices and the attached stylus/pen. With a little bit of whiskey in my system, I decided to draw this monstrosity. As you may have guessed, I didn’t win the competition.

Acer Live Blog Glasgow 2016

I had a blast on this trip to Glasgow. Everyone from the bloggers to the Acer team made the experience fun and it was brilliant to get hands-on with their new gadgets.

Fabio Virgi

A real geek at heart, Fabio caught the travel bug after traveling for a month in the summer of 2015. After visiting 4 different places in 4 weeks, he decided to leave his job, become self-employed and see all the world has to offer!