When heading for a city break to a place like Prague, there are a few expectations I have of a hotel. Fortunately, Corinthia Hotel Prague ticks off pretty much all of those expectations and then some! From the all-day service in their Executive Lounge and spa facilities to the panoramic swimming pool overlooking Prague’s skyline, Corinthia Hotel Prague was the kind of hotel I loved running back to every evening.

Corinthia Hotel Prague: Overview

Here are some basics you should know about Corinthia Hotel Prague before you go.

  • It’s in the business district, but a fantastic selection of restaurants and facilities make it great for leisure visitors too
  • Corinthia Hotel Prague is one of largest in the Corinthia chain with 539 rooms
  • You won’t be disappointed with Corinthia’s excellent facilities like spa, swimming pool, gym, restaurants and bars
  • With a metro station literally a minute away, getting into town is easy and cheap
  • The rooms are a little dated, but the rest of the hotel oozes luxury

Corinthia Hotel Prague: Location

Corinthia Hotel Prague is big!

A hotel’s location is incredibly important on a city break; I don’t want to spend time and money commuting instead of enjoying a city as beautiful as Prague.

Corinthia Hotel Prague is only 25 minutes away from the airport and very conveniently, there’s a metro station less than a minute walk away too. It’s surprisingly affordable to commute in Prague and in just two stops you’ll be in the hustle & bustle of Prague’s city centre — meaning you can site-see to your heart’s content but retreat back to the luxury of your hotel when you’re done.

Corinthia Hotel Prague: 5-Star Service

First impressions count for a lot in my book, and the initial service at Corinthia Hotel Prague definitely set the tone for me. We had a late arrival (around midnight) and as we pulled into the hotel, the General Manager was waiting there to greet and escort us directly to our room. We literally skipped out all of the check-in formalities and went directly to our room. How awesome is that?

I can confidently say that the level of service was consistently high throughout our week in Prague. From the staff at the Executive Lounge and restaurants to the spa, you’ll be well taken care of at Corinthia.

Corinthia Hotel Prague: Facilities

Corinthia Hotel Prague has a range of facilities worth talking about, so let’s jump right into it!

Executive Lounge

Executive Lounge on the 23rd floor of Corinthia Hotel Prague

Depending on your selection of room you may have access to their Executive Lounge on the 22nd floor. If you like a nice, chilled-out space where you can quietly get some work done, have a meal or just sit back to admire Prague’s skyline, the Executive Lounge will make you very happy. With complimentary food and drink served throughout the day — including alcohol, I have to add 🍷 — it’s a place we regularly retreated to after a long day in Prague’s sweltering summer heat.

Apollo Day Spa

The Apollo Spa’s swimming pool overlooks the Prague skyline. Now that’s a pool with a view!

The Apollo Day Spa at Corinthia Hotel Prague gives a whole new definition to “spa with a view”. This place is packed out with treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms, a gym, beauty parlour and my personal favourite: a swimming pool with a panoramic view of Prague. You can do a few laps (or with my level of stamina, just two 😳) and when you take a break, peek over the edge of the pool to admire the city. It’s actually incredible!

We pampered ourselves with a cheeky full body massage and facials, and honestly, it was such a relaxing experience. The treatment rooms are nicely set up in terms of decor and the masseuses were fantastic.

My only complaint is that rooms could do with extra soundproofing as they’re alongside changing rooms and the swimming pool area. Apart from that, however, the spa experience was really enjoyable and I’d recommend checking it out.

Lounge & bar area

I usually wouldn’t class this as a “facility” as such, but the lounge area at Corinthia Hotel Prague is really beautiful and a lovely place to unwind. You’ve got chandeliers hanging above flower-filled tables, luxurious furniture everywhere and a bar area serving up food and drinks. Not a bad place to have a glass of wine after a day exploring Prague!

Lounging with a glass of wine at Corinthia Hotel Prague

Lounging with a glass of wine at Corinthia Hotel Prague

Corinthia Hotel Prague: Main lounge area

Corinthia Hotel Prague has a beautiful main lounge

Corinthia Hotel Prague: Lounge area

A little downtime at Corinthia Hotel Prague’s more intimate lounge area

Business meeting rooms & facilities

I won’t dive into the business side of things too much, but being a business-centric hotel there are 22 purpose-built meeting rooms at Corinthia Prague — fully kitted out with audio and presentation equipment.

Corinthia Hotel Prague: Business Room

Business Room at Corinthia Hotel Prague

Pulling back the curtains in our 21st-floor “Business Room” unveiled huge windows spanning the entire width of the room, and of course, a glorious view of Prague. This was one of my favourite features of the room; you can see everything from up there!

There’s plenty of floor space to comfortably stroll around, lots of storage space and typically for a 5-star hotel chain, the quality of our towels, robes, chairs and fabrics were of that same high standard Corinthia has me accustomed to. That bed, in particular, was fantastic; we slept like babies every single night! 😴

The room isn’t without its flaws, however.

Firstly, the decor. While the quality of the furniture was excellent in most parts of the room, it wound up looking very classical & dated when compared to other areas of the hotel like the downstairs and Executive Lounges. Not a major problem, but a modern refresh would be nice!

Now let’s disregard the decor for a moment because honestly, it’s down to taste. My main issue with our Business Room was the bathroom; it’s a simple space including just a sink (with a reasonably large surface for toiletries) and a small bathtub, covered with a shower curtain. In short: this bathroom just didn’t feel like 5-stars to me. There’s no bidé or shower cubicle, and the general finish/decor in the bathroom lacked the same luxury touch Corinthia flaunts in the rest of the hotel. Perhaps it’s down to the “business” focus of the hotel, but it’s a little disappointing nonetheless.

Corinthia Hotel Prague: Restaurants

Between the Executive Lounge that serves drinks, food and snacks throughout the day and the dedicated restaurants, you won’t go hungry at the Corinthia Hotel Prague. That’s for sure!

The Grill

On our first day in Prague, we decided to give The Grill a try. As the name suggests, The Grill restaurant specialises mainly in grilled meats — although they do offer alternatives like pizza, pasta and salads for the waistline-conscious.

Burrata cheese at The Grill, Corinthia Hotel Prague

Burrata cheese with tomatoes, peppers and pesto for starters

I ordered the Burrata cheese for starters, served with tomatoes, flame-roasted peppers and pesto. I’ve had some mighty good Caprese/cheese salads in my 28 years, but this thing was just beautiful. Everything from the quality of the cheese to the pesto tasted delicious. Loved it!

For mains, what else but a juicy Argentinian beef fillet?

Beef fillet at The Grill, Corinthia Hotel Prague

Beef fillet with peppercorn sauce and roasted rosemary potatoes at The Grill restaurant

With a side of roasted rosemary potatoes and peppercorn sauce (what else could you possibly have with it?!), this was one heavenly main course. The beef fillet was tender and juicy, and the potatoes had a lovely crunchy exterior with a soft and fluffy core — exactly how a roasted potato should be. And the peppercorn sauce was just the icing on the cake to wrap up all the flavours into a creamy bite.

I’d definitely recommend trying it!

A taste of Asia at the Rickshaw

While I loved my dining experience at The Grill at Corinthia Hotel Prague, the restaurant that stood out to me was the Rickshaw, specialising in Asian cuisine.

Firstly, they’ve done a great job of creating an authentic Asian vibe. The waiters and waitresses dress up in traditional Oriental outfits and everything from the decor to the furniture has a consistent Asian theme. It’s very well thought through.

For starters, we tried the vegetable spring rolls (with black mushrooms, bean sprouts and glass noodles served with sweet chilli sauce), and chicken satay skewered with lemongrass and served with sweet peanut sauce. Both were fantastic, and I’d encourage trying them.

Starters at the Rickshaw, Corinthia Hotel Prague

Starters at the Rickshaw: vegetable spring rolls and chicken satay

Next up, the main course. I tried out both the traditional Pad Thai with prawns and chicken, along with the Panang Beef Curry. The Pad Thai was super tasty — especially with a good squeeze of lime on top — but the Panang Beef stole the show. The thinly sliced beef fillet just melted in my mouth and the combination of flavours from the spinach to the coconut milk sauce was absolutely phenomenal. Throw in a few red chillis for a spicy kick and I’d go as far as saying it was probably one of the best curries I’ve ever had! 👌🏽

Pad Thai, Rickshaw, Corinthia Hotel Prague

Pad Thai at the Rickshaw, Corinthia Hotel Prague

Beef curry, Rickshaw, Corinthia Hotel Prague

Beef curry at the Rickshaw, Corinthia Hotel Prague

To wrap up our meal at the Rickshaw, Prague, the waitress brought out Kluai Khaek: fried banana with caramelised brown sugar. This thing was awesome! Whenever I’ve had fried banana desserts there’s usually way too much banana, the batter is too thick or there’s not enough sauce. The Rickshaw nails it, though; mini bites of banana coated in a crispy batter and glazed with the perfect amount of caramelised sugar and even desiccated coconut for a beautiful combination of flavours.

Fried banana, Rickshaw, Corinthia Hotel Prague

Fried banana for dessert at the Rickshaw, Corinthia Hotel Prague

All in all, it was a fabulous meal and can’t recommend visiting the Rickshaw restaurant enough — even if you’re not staying at the hotel.

Corinthia Hotel Prague: Verdict

So, would I recommend staying at the Corinthia Hotel Prague? In short, yes!

The hotel has its flaws — you’ll have to commute a couple of metro stops to get into the centre (or get a taxi), the rooms could do with modern refurbishment and the bathroom in our Business Room wasn’t up to the standard I’d expect from Corinthia — but the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

You’re getting fantastic dining options, luxury facilities like a swimming pool overlooking the Prague skyline, spa options and Corinthia’s 5-star service. That’s a pretty good way to spend a city break if you ask me.

Fabio Virgi

A real geek at heart, Fabio caught the travel bug after traveling for a month in the summer of 2015. After visiting 4 different places in 4 weeks, he decided to leave his job, become self-employed and see all the world has to offer!