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Earlier this year I stayed at Corinthia’s Lisbon hotel and having just come back from their 5-star location in Budapest, it’s clear that the impressive entrances, attention to detail and great service run throughout the brand – not just a single hotel.

To watch what we got up to, I’ve embedded the video of our first day in Budapest below. Check it out and if you like what you see, don’t forget to subscribe to the Fab Meets World YouTube channel. I’ll love you forever. ❤

Checking into Corinthia Hotel Budapest

Taking a peek over their flower-packed table in the lobby reveals the kind of staircase you’re used to seeing in movies. Each side is decorated with beautiful gold statues (doubling as lamps), a red carpet drapes down the middle and a chandelier right at the top of the staircase gives the Corinthia Hotel in Budapest a grand, luxurious and almost royal feeling.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll inevitably stop to take dozens of photos. (It’s great Instagram material – just saying. 📸)

Staircase in Corinthia Hotel Budapest

The grand staircase in Corinthia Hotel Budapest

Once we checked in and settled into our awesome room, our next stop was Corinthia’s Executive Lounge for a couple of drinks.

It’s a lovely area just above the main lobby with a view over the main street. There are loads of beautiful chairs, tables & sofas; a computer area if you need to get some work done; and conveniently — especially for me 😏 — a food & drink area. Considering it was about 1pm and we hadn’t eaten since 6am that day, we indulged in some Hungarian beer and wine, along with a few bites before exploring more of Corinthia’s Budapest hotel.

A tour of Corinthia Hotel Budapest

With some food (and alcohol) in our system, Geets and I were taken on a quick tour of the hotel along with a history lesson about the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. Usually, I’m not too interested in a hotel’s history but you know what, this hotel is an exception. From being used as a theatre for the rich folk and a news hub for people during World War 2, to eventually becoming the German military base in Hungary, I couldn’t help being impressed by how much culture/history this place has.

Atrium in Corinthia Hotel Budapest

One of two atriums in Corinthia Hotel Budapest

We explored the building’s atriums (like in the photo above), old “cinema room”, its jaw-dropping ball room, and eventually went on to visit Corinthia’s Spa facilities – a personal favourite of mine. 😉

The main pool area is sure to impress with (apparently) the largest indoor swimming pool of any hotel in Budapest, two Jacuzzis large enough for about 5-6 people each, steam rooms, saunas and treatment rooms scattered along the flanks. Like the lobby area and that grand staircase, the spa and swimming pool in Corinthia Budapest is yet another photogenic space.

Don’t you just want to jump in that swimming pool?

We were so keen to make use of the Corinthia spa facilities that immediately after our tour of the hotel, we got changed into our swimming costumes, threw on Corinthia’s oh-so-lovely robes, slid into our slippers and strolled downstairs to enjoy a decadent day indoors.

I admit, it felt rather naughty considering we had the whole day to enjoy Budapest and we were staying indoors. But it was rainy, miserable weather and besides – it’s not every day you have these kinds of luxuries at your doorstep, right?

Dinner at Brasserie and Atrium in Corinthia Hotel Budapest

Fast forward into the evening and we decided to top off a fabulous day at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest with dinner at one of their restaurants: Brasserie and Atrium.

As the name suggests, the restaurant has a dining area within Corinthia’s atrium – meaning plenty of natural light from the glass ceiling and the building’s façade. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a meal – that’s for sure.

For appetisers, the waitress brought over some freshly baked bread with (fresh) Hungarian butter – I’ve never had butter that good, by the way – along with some sundried tomatoes and fresh baby tomatoes. Loved that! It was such a simple thing but the ingredients tasted so damn good.

This Goulash was de-li-cious!

My starter could only be one thing — traditional Hungarian Goulash – and let me say Brasserie and Atrium make an amazing one. I found mine incredibly rich, flavourful and the chunks of beef were so tender they practically melted in my mouth.

The main dish was duck breast with wilted spinach and sweet potato puree, although I must admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of that. There was nothing wrong with it, but it simply wasn’t my thing. However, I did enjoy the heartier dish of lamb medallions with vegetables and mashed potato instead.

Duck breast and sweet potato at the Brasserie & Atrium restaurant

Lamb medallions with mash and vegetables

To wrap things up, we ordered a couple of desserts: a rich chocolate sphere with silky melted chocolate drizzled all over it (a chocolate lover’s dream) and another mix of cake, fruits and ice cream. I preferred the chocolate sphere; just look at it. 😍

Mmmm… Chocolate… 😍

All in all, it was an awesome, relaxing day at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest. Considering the intensity of the next 4 days exploring Budapest, I’m so glad we made the most of this beautiful hotel.

Fabio Virgi

A real geek at heart, Fabio caught the travel bug after traveling for a month in the summer of 2015. After visiting 4 different places in 4 weeks, he decided to leave his job, become self-employed and see all the world has to offer!