I wanted to take my wife somewhere nice for our seven year anniversary, but with Christmas around the corner it needed to be low cost too. Flights to Turin were popping up at just £38 return on SkyScanner with an airline called Blue Air, so I went for it.

With flights sorted out, travel accommodation was next.

Turin is a small city so it was easy to find somewhere close to the action: The ibis Styles Torino Porta Nuova hotel. Located right in the heart of Turin — under one minute walk from Turin’s Porta Nuova train station — two nights at this 3 star hotel cost me £100 or €120 which is pretty reasonable considering its optimal location.

A mixed check-in experience at the ibis Styles Torino hotel

Walking into the ibis Styles Torino Porta Nuova, it seemed like a really fun and modern hotel; there were big splashes of colour with modern decor/furniture around the foyer area. It’s nice how they’ve mixed that in with the marble surfaces and columns on either side as you walk in, making it feel like one of the city’s many arcades.

We arrived at around lunchtime so checking in was easy and we immediately had access to our room on the second floor.

Disappointment with our first room

Unfortunately we didn’t have the swiftest experience with our first room. First off, the bathroom smelt slightly damp. Secondly, our “double” bed was actually made up of two single beds put together, with the space in between feeling very noticeable when we laid down. Not ideal if you’re on a couples holiday.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the balcony door wouldn’t completely close. Had this been a private balcony maybe I wouldn’t mind so much, but because of the ‘shared balcony’ design at the ibis Styles Torino you can walk up to the back door of any other room on your floor. It’s far from ideal if you want some privacy. Throw in a dead light bulb in an already dim bedroom, and it made pretty poor start to our trip!

Settling into our second room

Fortunately the ibis Styles Torino team dealt with everything pretty swiftly. After speaking with the lady at reception, she kindly moved us to the fifth floor where the balcony door actually closed, the room looked brighter and the bed had extra padding on top to make it feel like a genuine double bed — even though it was still two singles together.

The new room had a shower instead of a bathtub so we had to compromise a little there, but all in all I preferred it.

Comfort, facilities & sleeping at the ibis Styles Torino hotel

We slept very well on both nights at the ibis Styles Torino Porta Nuova hotel. The room seemed to be well maintained, our sheets were clean and the bed was comfortable.

Also, much to my surprise, our room was actually very peaceful and quiet. We couldn’t hear a thing from the neighbouring rooms (including TVs) and because of the extra shutters on our balcony door, even outside noise was kept to a minimum.


As you can tell from the photo below, the bathroom at ibis Styles Torino Porta Nuova is pretty well equipped with all the necessities, including a bidet. I liked that their bathroom was well illuminated — very important considering there’s no natural light there — and that ibis Styles Torino provides some basic soap/shampoo.

The shower itself was clean and spacious, although water pressure was slightly weak. Not a huge deal, but worth noting!


What’s obvious with these rooms is that they’re quite basic; everything from the decor to the furniture itself is simple and functional. Our second bedroom didn’t have storage (unlike the first) although ibis does provide some open-air rails & hangers, tall mirror and a bench to make up for it.

The wall mounted TV was a modest size — under 30 inches — and mostly catered for the locals with Italian channels (good for practising your Italiano).


The ibis Styles Torino hotel does provide free WiFi which is good of them — even if it is barely usable. I tried uploading my Instagram story for a good hour but it just wouldn’t work. Loading up a basic Google page is fine but don’t expect to casually stream your favourite Netflix shows while you’re here. Frankly, I hoped for better from an ibis 3 star hotel.


For breakfast there was an instant coffee machine, petit pain baguettes (with butters, cheeses, jams and ham), cereal, a couple of cakes to choose from, fruit and yoghurts. The food was good enough to get you going for a busy day, but if I’m honest it lacked the options and quality I’ve experienced at other 3 star hotels.

If breakfast is included in your package: brilliant. If not, I’d recommend saving your money and getting breakfast elsewhere.

Would I stay at the ibis Styles Torino hotel again?

I can’t fault the staff at the ibis Styles Torino Porta Nuova hotel. Throughout our two night stay they were extremely helpful, polite and most importantly: they got things resolved for us when we needed them.

For that reason I can dismiss the issues we faced during check-in, and can recommend the hotel to anybody else travelling to Turin.

You’ll need to go with managed expectations — WiFi isn’t great, breakfast could be better and bedrooms/facilities are basic — but if you manage to land a good deal for this hotel it’s a good option in an amazing location. You’ll be right next to Porta Nuova station and all the city’s hotspots, and getting to-and-from the airport will be super simple too.

I’d keep my eyes open for deals at 4 or 5 star hotels on my next visit, but if the deal was right I’d definitely go back.

Fabio Virgi

A real geek at heart, Fabio caught the travel bug after traveling for a month in the summer of 2015. After visiting 4 different places in 4 weeks, he decided to leave his job, become self-employed and see all the world has to offer!