Take a look at any tech store and you’ll find speakers of all shapes and sizes nowadays, but for me, Ultimate Ears’ lineup is one of the strongest for travellers. The largest of them all — the UE Megaboom — is a powerhouse speaker that comfortably pumps out good quality audio if you need entertainment by the pool.

If you’re looking for something a little more travel-friendly though, look no further than their smallest Bluetooth speaker currently priced under £70, the UE Roll.


Dangling the UE Roll from a chair in our hotel in Gran Canaria

A very compact design

The UE Roll’s main design feature is its incredibly compact size. You can comfortably grab it in one hand and it’s so thin that fitting it in between your clothes in a suitcase won’t be an issue — both in terms of weight and size.

A waterproof design is another major perk with the UE Roll; you can use this thing in the shower or by the pool and not worry about drowning it. In fact, when I’m not traveling I leave it dangled in my shower for my (bad) singing sessions. 😉

The front of the unit has a very cool fabric design with just two volume buttons on it, but if you flip around the UE Roll you’ll see a stretchy fabric cord which lets you dangle the speaker from a balcony chair or even in the shower. That’s also where you’ll find a small flap which covers the auxiliary port and micro USB port for when you need to charge the speaker.


UE Roll’s rear, with a stretchy cord and flap where you can find its micro USB and AUX ports

Surprisingly loud, good quality sound

Taking into account its accessible price point, the UE Roll is pretty damn good. You’re getting crisp, clear sound that can comfortably fill a room and the speaker holds its own even at higher volumes with no noticeable signs of distortion. Don’t expect any serious thump from your Hip Hop and other bass-heavy tracks, but vocals sound nice and clear.

From a performance standpoint, the UE Roll is certainly impressive — especially when you factor in its size.

UE Roll: Final Thoughts

There are infinite options when it comes to portable speakers, but few match up to the versatility, quirky style and value for money of the UE Roll. I take it with me on almost every trip I go on, and I truthfully can’t recommend it enough if you’re looking for something portable with quality sound. Throw in a waterproof design and you’ve got yourself a winner with this speaker.


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Fabio Virgi

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