When I toyed with the idea of going to Napoli in the summer of 2015, it wasn’t so much the culture, monuments or weather that excited me.

It was the thought of traditional, authentic Italian food. The thought of creamy Ferrero-Rocher gelato, Buffalo Mozzarella pizza and home-made pasta. (Did I just make your mouth water? Sorry, not sorry.)

See, you can go anywhere in Italy — places far more beautiful than Napoli — to get magnificent views, culture and architecture. (Hopefully no Napolitanos read that; they’d kill me…) But dubbed as the home of pizza and Italian food generally, going to Napoli meant one thing for me: an opportunity to indulge on everything mama Italia had to feed me.

So, freshly bitten by the travel bug, I thought to myself “why not?” My fiancée was already on her way there from Rome with our friend, and I could time my trip to meet them there. Without too much hesitation, I booked myself a stay at Hotel San Pietro where they would be staying; a really nice and cosy 4 star hotel based in the north of Napoli.

In the video I made below, you’ll see all of the food we ate and the places we saw, including our day trip through the historic ruins of Pompeii and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast.

I hope you enjoy the video and please let me know what you think in the comments below! Does Napoli and the Amalfi coast look like somewhere you’d like to visit?

Fabio Virgi

A real geek at heart, Fabio caught the travel bug after traveling for a month in the summer of 2015. After visiting 4 different places in 4 weeks, he decided to leave his job, become self-employed and see all the world has to offer!