We all want the start of our holidays to be stress-free, and for me that means avoiding rush hour traffic and the panic of checking in at the airport on time!

Since my wife Geeta and I were jetting off to Morocco for our honeymoon, hotel chain Yotel — located conveniently inside Gatwick airport’s South Terminal — booked us into one of their Premium Cabins the night before we flew off.

What’s so special about Yotel?

If you’ve never heard of Yotel, their cabins are cleverly designed to be compact yet still pack all the essentials. There’s an en-suite bathroom (complete with towels, shampoo and bodywash), TV, desk and chair, a really cool retractable sofa-bed that opens with the push of a button, free WiFi, plus unlimited hot drinks and water for the duration of your stay! Considering how much they’ve packed into a small space, it’s unlike any hotel I’d ever been to, that’s for sure.

The biggest perk of staying at Yotel was that, being in the terminal already, all we had to do the next day is grab our bags, head to the check-in desks and through security to start our honeymoon.

No traffic. No rush. No stress.

The room tour

I recorded a short room tour so that you can get a better idea of what it’s like inside the cabins. Check it out below and please do let me know what you think!

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4 hours in a Yotel Standard Cabin starts at £34, with everything after that priced hourly. Staying overnight rather than during the day does become more expensive, but for the sake of convenience it could very well be worth it for you!

What do you think of the Yotel Premium Cabin in Gatwick — would you stay here instead of a normal hotel for the convenience? Let me know in the comments.

Fabio Virgi

A real geek at heart, Fabio caught the travel bug after traveling for a month in the summer of 2015. After visiting 4 different places in 4 weeks, he decided to leave his job, become self-employed and see all the world has to offer!